• The Evaluation Framework for the request for qualifications (RFQ) was developed by Infrastructure Ontario with support from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). 
  • The RFQ had five criteria categories.  Scores were assigned to each category and the entire submission was graded out of 100 points.
  • The categories, and scores allocated to each, were based on the best practices of Canadian jurisdictions and Infrastructure Ontario's RFQ evaluation template.
  • Each participating company was scored in the following categories:
    • Approach to project development;  
    • Approach to partnering including with local contractors;
    • Design capability and experience; 
    • Construction capability and experience; 
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation management and experience; and
    • Financial and financing information and their ability to successfully reach a financial close. 
  • In each category, companies were assessed for the composition of their team, as well as, for the capability and experience of individual team members.

Assessing the completeness of the submissions

  • Prior to starting the evaluation process, each submission was reviewed for completeness by Infrastructure Ontario's procurement experts and Infrastructure Ontario and MTO legal experts. 

Who evaluated The Windsor-Essex Parkway submissions?

  • The evaluating teams consisted of:  
    • a technical team, comprised of Infrastructure Ontario and MTO staff with decades of experience evaluating submissions for transportation projects 
      • The evaluators assessed the developer's approach to project partnering and development, design capability and experience, construction capability and experience, maintenance and rehabilitation management and experience, and their plans for partnering with local businesses and contractors  
  • a financial team, comprised of Infrastructure Ontario and MTO staff
    • They assessed each company's ability to successfully reach a financial close.
  • an independent fairness monitor responsible for overseeing the evaluation process for fairness and transparency.