• Purpose and Values

    Our Vision

    Partnering to modernize Ontario's public assets

    IO exists to create value out of – or modernize – the public assets of the province. Everything we do is grounded in the idea that if we work with partners in both the public and private sectors, we can create value for taxpayers in ways that others can’t. This is our vision and what keeps us excited about working at IO.  

    Our Mission

    • Develop commercial solutions
    • Manage assets
    • Execute transactions

    We bring solutions to the table for government, identifying opportunities to work in partnership with the private sector. We are known for our execution. We bring a seamless “one-stop shop” perspective to turn government decisions into action through a range of contracting and commercial models. Our enterprise-wide view enables us to effectively manage assets and projects over their full life cycle.

    Our Values

    • Attract and retain talented people
    • Build great relationships
    • Operate effectively 
    • Create a culture of innovation

    Our values are always consistent. We attract and retain talented people in an environment we are all proud of, building great relationships and being a great partner, operating conscientiously and effectively, and creating a real culture of innovation. This is the foundation for everything we do.