In August 2009, Ontario Cabinet approved The Windsor-Essex Parkway for the new access road to a new Canadian inspection plaza and international bridge. 

The Windsor-Essex Parkway is the best solution to meet community needs and study goals. The Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) study team recommended its plan for approval based on extensive consultation combined with detailed technical studies and analysis.

The Windsor-Essex Parkway will be a below-grade six-lane freeway with 11 tunnels and a network of four lane service roads allowing long-distance international traffic to travel unimpeded by traffic signals to a new inspection plaza and river crossing while improving community linkages and providing extensive new trails, green space and other recreational opportunities. Trucks will be hidden from the view of homeowners, noise levels will be reduced, and overall air quality conditions will improve for Windsor-Essex residents.

The Windsor-Essex Parkway will be the most significant highway investment made in Ontario history. It is unprecedented in its community enhancement features for any highway, anywhere in Ontario. It will be designed using Ontario's high safety standards and practices that have made Ontario's roads the safest in North America. 

The Windsor-Essex Parkway will improve the quality of life for Windsor-Essex residents.

  • More than 300 acres of green space
    • This is more than 70 acres larger than the 230 acre Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve. 
  • 20 km of recreational trails
    • This is 5 km longer than the 15 km E.C. Row Expressway.  
    • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to choose a route that will allow them to travel from E.C. Row Expressway to Howard Avenue and never cross paths with a vehicle.
  • 1.8 km of coverage over the roadway on 11 tunnels
    • This is more than three CN Towers stacked on top of each other.
    • Strategically located tunnels and pathways will safely connect communities for the first time.
    • Connections for wildlife will be created.   
  • Trucks off local streets
    • Trucks will use the new below-grade freeway to access the border, easing congestion on local streets.
    • The Windsor-Essex Parkway will improve the movement of traffic to and from the border. 
  • The separation of local and border-bound traffic
    • New service roads will improve access to neighbourhoods, schools, natural areas and shopping.
  • No traffic signals
    • Trucks will no longer have to brake, idle or accelerate on their way to the border, thereby reducing diesel emissions and improving community air quality.  
  • An end-to-end solution
    • The Windsor-Essex Parkway is a key component of a new border transportation system that will provide a direct route connecting Highway 401 in Windsor to Interstate 75 in Detroit. 

The Windsor-Essex Parkway will create approximately 12,000 project-related jobs, with the majority in the Windsor-Essex region. This modern, state-of-the-art facility will support existing industry, attract new investment, bring new jobs and create business opportunities in Windsor-Essex, Ontario and all of Canada.

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