• Procurement

    Our Agency procures all goods and services in accordance with a procurement policy that is approved by our Board of Directors and subject to the Management Board of Cabinet’s Procurement Directive. 
    We are committed to procuring goods and services through processes that are fair, open, transparent, geographically neutral and accessible to qualified vendors. In all procurements, we seek to secure goods and services of the highest quality with the most value for money in a timely and efficient manner

    We expect all participants in our procurements to meet the highest standards in terms of ethics, conflict of interest and accountability requirements.  Protecting the public interest is paramount in our approach to procurement.

    Through our various divisions, we support a range of business activities.  The approaches to procurement are tailored to the needs and processes established for Major Projects (Alternative Financing and Procurement), Commercial Projects, Real Estate Services and Infrastructure Lending.  

    Our procurement group employs a variety of procurement methods which are tailored to the commercial risk, technical complexity, and financial significance of any given good or service. These methods of procurement typically include:

    • Single-stage open or invitational requests for proposals, tenders or quotations
    • Two-stage open pre-qualification, followed by invitational requests for proposals
    • Two-stage open vendor of record arrangements
    • Single-stage open requests for standing offer arrangements

    Please link here to view IO’s Procurement Policy.

    For general procurement questions or for questions regarding the methods of procurement used at IO, please visit our Contact Us webpage.