TORONTO - The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and Infrastructure Ontario today announced that the Windsor Essex Mobility Group is the preferred bidder selected to design, build, finance and maintain The Windsor-Essex Parkway. 

Local workers will have a significant role to play in the construction of the Parkway, which will generate an estimated 12,000 direct and indirect project-related jobs - the majority of which will be in the Windsor-Essex region.

The selection of the Windsor Essex Mobility Group as the preferred bidder is the result of an open, fair and competitive procurement process. Throughout its bid, the Windsor Essex Mobility Group consistently demonstrated a clear understanding of best practices in designing and building the Parkway and involving local businesses in the project.  The consortium key members include: ACS Infrastructure Canada Inc., Acciona Concessions Canada, Fluor Canada Limited, Dragados Canada Inc and Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc.

Infrastructure Ontario and MTO will begin negotiating contract details with the preferred bidder and expect to conclude negotiations in early 2011. 

The preferred bidder aims to achieve a Greenroads certification for The Windsor-Essex Parkway, which means it will be designed and constructed using sustainable practices.  The new 11-kilometre freeway will separate local and international traffic and eliminate stop-and-go traffic in residential areas. With more than 300 acres of green space, 20 kilometres of recreational trails and new community connections, residents in Windsor-Essex will enjoy an improved quality of life.

The project cost will be announced publicly following financial close in early 2011. 

The Windsor-Essex Parkway will remain publicly owned and publicly controlled. 

MTO's goal is to be a world leader in moving people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably, to support a globally competitive economy, a high quality of life and being responsible for all provincial highways.

Infrastructure Ontario is a Crown corporation dedicated to managing some of the province's larger and more complex infrastructure renewal projects - ensuring they are built on time and on budget; as well, it is dedicated to providing the public sector and not-for-profit organizations with long-term financing to renew their infrastructure.


“The Windsor-Essex Parkway is one of the largest highway investments in our province's history and it will play a vital role in economic growth and the creation of strong communities across Ontario” 
- Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure

“The Parkway will improve trade, create jobs, and send a strong signal to the infrastructure community that Ontario is ready to do its part to build this vital economic link.  The time is now to move forward with this initiative to take advantage of Ontario's good financial market conditions and build on our economy's competitive edge.”
- Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation 

“We're taking the next step to improve what is already one of the busiest border crossings in North America.  The Windsor-Essex Parkway will help ease traffic flow to the border, get trucks off local streets, and boost our local economy by generating an estimated 12,000 skilled trade jobs over the lifespan of the project.”
- Dwight Duncan, MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

“We're one step closer to seeing full construction begin on The Windsor-Essex Parkway and seeing our vision become reality.  The Parkway will be built using best practices for design and construction; and it will be constructed in a manner that is economically sound and respectful of the surrounding environment. ”
- Sandra Pupatello, MPP, Windsor West

“This project reaffirms the government's commitment to creating employment opportunities in the region while updating and renewing vital infrastructure. The Parkway will improve the quality of life of residents living, working and playing in Windsor-Essex.”
- Bruce Crozier, MPP, Essex

“This project will provide retraining to put people back to work, as well, it will create employment opportunities for skilled trades people in our community.”
- Sol Furer, President of the Essex and Kent Counties Building and Construction Trades Council

“We're excited by the province's ongoing progress on the Parkway and look forward to partnering with these world-class companies to build this once in a life-time project.”
- Jim Lyons, Executive Director, Windsor Construction Association


Paulette den Elzen
Infrastructure Ontario

Heather Grondin
Windsor Border Initiatives
Implementation Group
Ministry of Transportation

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