• Client Profile: Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

    Located in Ottawa, The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre is a not-for-profit centre for healthy living for all seniors. With a long tradition of serving veterans, Perley Rideau is expanding its services to provide a broadened spectrum of care for the future needs of Canadian Forces members and a much larger number of seniors from the community.

    Perley Rideau has a long and successful history of recognizing change and responding with innovative solutions to ensure seniors live in dignity and comfort.

    The Need for Change

    By 2030, Canada will have double the population of people over age 65 that it had in 2010 – from 14% to 28% of the overall population – an increase of 15 million seniors. For the Ottawa metropolitan area, this means an increase of 158,000 seniors.

    In response to increasing demand, Perley Rideau expanded its services to provide more housing and care options for seniors with the construction of Perley Rideau Seniors Village. Located on the grounds of the existing Perley Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre, the new village includes two new buildings with 139 apartments, especially designed for seniors.

    Completed in 2013, seniors who can live independently, or who need extra help with daily tasks, or those who are living with early to mid-stages of dementia may apply.

    • 20 to 30% of the 139 apartments are designated for the Canadian Forces veterans.
    • 70 to 80% are available to both seniors and veterans on a first come first served basis.
    • 33% of the apartments are at below market rates for those who qualify, open to both seniors and veterans.

    Financing the Project

    With project costs over $42 million; funding was secured from a number of places including

    • A $32 million mortgage with a 20-year term, amortized over 40 years, and at prevailing interest rates below 5% from Infrastructure Ontario.
    • $5.4 million, as a non-refundable grant, was provided as part of the Federal Government’s infrastructure program, to be flowed through the Provincial Government, and then the City of Ottawa; the City of Ottawa has also waived a number of planning and related fees for the project. There is a requirement to offer for rent 45 apartments at below market rates.
    • $5 million is being raised by The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre Foundation through its Capital campaign: Building Choices, Enriching Lives. 

    Perley Rideau Seniors Village

    The completed village includes an enlarged indoor area for seniors’ oriented services and amenities that will support a Healthy Aging Program for residents. Residents of the Village and in the surrounding neighbourhoods have access to services that promote health and prevent illness, optimize mental and physical function, manage chronic diseases, and encourage full engagement in life.

    To learn more about Perley Rideau and the Seniors Village, go to www.perleyrideau.ca.