• PSLUP - Glossary of Terms

    Interim use - all secondary uses are considered interim and are subject to short-term agreements, with the potential for renewal by application (licenses are normally for five years and contain a 90-day termination clause)

    Easements - secondary uses of the corridor lands that are granted for a perpetual term (easements are subject to termination in circumstances as set out in the easement agreement)

    Transit - includes corridor crossings for public buses, streetcars, subways and commuter rail lines

    Transit supportive uses - uses that aid transit such as pedestrian access to transit stops and parking for transit

    Temporary use - is a short-term use of a property for a term of twelve months or less

    Linear recreational use - is related to linear movement such as walking paths, cycle paths and trails 

    Public use, for the purpose of agreements under the PSLUP - refers to a use undertaken by:

    • The Government of Ontario and any ministry or agency thereof; 
    • The Crown in right of Ontario and any ministry or agency thereof; and
    • Government related agencies including:every municipality in Ontario as defined in the Municipal Affairs Act, the Municipal Act, 2001 and the City of Toronto Act, 2006
      • every university in Ontario, every college of applied art and technology and every post secondary institution in Ontario 
      • every school board as defined in the Education Act;  
      • every hospital listed in the Schedule to the Classification of Hospitals Regulations made under the Public Hospitals Act, every private hospital operated under the authority of a license issued under the Private Hospitals Act, including:
        • Community Health Centres
        • District Health Councils
        • Public Health Units
        • OHIP Offices
        • Community Care Access Locations
    • Hydro One Networks Inc. or a subsidiary of Hydro One Networks Inc.; and
    • Conservation bodies as defined in the Conservation Land Act.

    Operational Land Sale - is a sale of the Hydro Transmission Corridor land for infrastructure purposes to municipalities or other municipal and/or provincial agencies where Hydro One Networks Inc. retains a statutory easement on the property for the transmission of power.