Next Generation Transaction Management Services Contract

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Real Estate
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Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is actively seeking an industry-leading and best-in-class private sector service provider that can bring an experienced and strategic approach to executing lease transactions to support the management of one of the largest real estate portfolios in Canada. IO manages more than 4,400 buildings on behalf of the provincial government, accommodating approximately 60,000 Ontario Public Service (OPS) employees in 350 communities across the province. The portfolio consists of office buildings and space and special purpose facilities such as courthouses, detentions centres, OPP detachments, fire management centres and laboratories. IO also directly manages 194,000 acres of land, including hydro corridors and land banks. 

On behalf of our provincial clients, IO is landlord or tenant in both owned and third party leased spaces and is seeking a service provider to perform Transaction Management Services to accommodate both the securing and leasing out of space. This next generation contract includes requirements for strategic portfolio and transaction-related advice in addition to all the research, analysis and due diligence required to undertake the negotiation and processing of more than 800 leases where IO is tenant and nearly 1,000 leases where IO is landlord. 

This is an exciting opportunity to refresh IO’s contractual relationship with a third-party service provider for managing leasing transactions to help build on the successes of the existing, best-in-class service delivery model. The current contract that covers these functions has been in place since 2009 and expires in 2024. 

The successful proponent will be expected to incorporate an experienced approach to a portfolio strategy and associated services, while maintaining ongoing and exemplary collaboration with the successful proponent from the in progress Real Property Services and Project Management Services procurements. 

In designing these next generation procurements, industry leaders were engaged through an open invitation, market-sounding exercise and provincial ministry clients were consulted.  The successful proponent will be capable of delivering efficient, effective, flexible and consistent services, a high level of transparency and customer service excellence. 

Through this process, IO will enhance its internal expertise with the support of a best-in-class private sector service provider in order to continue to demonstrate leadership in managing and enhancing the value of Public Sector Real Estate and optimizing the delivery of services across the province.

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Project Status

  • RFQ Release: November 23, 2021
  • RFQ Closing: February 2022
  • Short List of Bidders: March 2022
  • RFP Release: August 2022
  • RFP Close: November 2022
  • Contract Award: May 2023
  • Service Commencement Date: October 2023