• Infrastructure Lending

    Our Loan Program provides affordable, long-term financing to public sector clients enabling them to modernize and renew their infrastructure.  We tailor our loans to meet the unique needs and complex development challenges of municipalities, housing providers, universities and other eligible public sector clients.  All borrowers within each sector share the same affordable rates and same benefits of the Loan Program.

    Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of public sector clients deliver thousands of community projects in all parts of the province. Our loans have been used to revitalize roads and bridges, build new recreation centres and affordable housing, and purchase equipment like fire trucks and energy-efficient streetlights. Each loan is different but the impact is the same—efficient, healthier and more prosperous communities across Ontario.

    • Financed 2,600+ projects for over 410 clients
    • Approved over $9.4 billion in financing to clients
    • Supported more than $15 billion in local infrastructure development