• Client Profile: Municipality of Hastings Highlands

    Between Bancroft and Algonquin Provincial Park, at the northernmost part of Hastings County, resides the Municipality of Hastings Highlands. Known for its rolling hills, sparkling lakes, and scenic winding roads, the small, vibrant community attracts visitors year-round. As part of a cultural planning and development initiative, Council Officials sought to revitalize infrastructure in the central Maynooth hamlet of Hastings Highlands.

    Hastings Highlands Community CentreNew & Renewed Infrastructure

    In 2009, the Municipality of Hastings Highlands planned to construct a new town hall complex. To be known as the Hastings Highlands Centre, the 16,000 square foot facility would function as a multi-use facility containing three primary components: the Municipal Office, Hastings Highlands Public Library, and a gymnasium modeled after a public school gym. 

    Now complete, the new municipal office amalgamates the town’s management functions under one roof. The new library replaces the town’s former library with a larger space, offering programs that encompass literacy, nutrition, and cultural studies. The new gym provides athletic facilities for the community and for the local school that lacks a gym. Recognized as the focal point of the municipality, Hastings Highlands Centre centralizes municipal functions and provides better access to academic and athletic services.

    At the same time, the municipality also proposed to reconstruct two major roads: Musclow-Greenview and Peterson Road. Both projects involved base improvements, new treated surfaces, and the rehabilitation of drainage systems. These road enhancements now provide Maynooth commuters with a safer transportation network. 

    IO’s Financing Solution

    The Municipality of Hastings Highlands received initial finances from the Federal-Provincial Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. However, they required additional funds to meet the project’s $9.7 million budget. The municipality partnered with Infrastructure Ontario who financed all three projects with long-term, affordable rates. They were approved for a $3.26 million loan with a 15 year term. With financing in order, the projects were pushed to completion. Construction and renovations were completed in September 2010.

    “I believe that we at the Municipality of Hastings Highlands approach challenges differently and come up with some pretty unique solutions. The financing solutions offered by Infrastructure Ontario, coupled by different funding programs from the Provincial and Federal Governments, allow us to put our solutions into practice.”

    I. Craig Davidson, Chief Administrative Officer and Treasurer - Municipality of Hastings Highlands 

    A Beautiful Municipality

    In January 2013, Hasting Highlands Public Library Board was recognized with the Minister’s Award for Innovation from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport. In June 2013, the Municipality of Hastings Highlands also received AMCTO’s E.A. Danby Award for proficiently operating the Hastings Highlands Centre. 

    Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program has helped to improve the quality of life in Maynooth’s rural community. The new town hall complex strengthens municipal affairs and promotes healthy, more active living. Renewed roads provide safer travels along the Municipality of Hastings Highlands’s beautiful countryside.

    For more information on the client, please visit their website at www.hastingshighlands.ca.