• Capital Planning

    Our capital planning process is a combination of public and private sector best practices, combining condition assessment practices with life-cycle estimation methodologies.  We apply this approach by drawing on the expertise of our private sector service providers and use of our customized asset management software system.

    The life-cycle estimation method breaks a building down into components having industry-accepted useful lifespans.  Regular building inspections of building components allow assessors to modify estimates of the life expectancy of each component.  The result is an up-to-date multi-year repair and renewal reinvestment strategy for the facility or groups of facilities.  The asset management system applies current cost estimates for local labour and materials to establish lifecycle renewal pricing for each component system

    We currently apply this assessment process to over a thousand assets and on behalf of a number of ministries to develop a prioritized evidence-based decision-making reinvestment information to supporting realty reinvestment planning and annual capital budget submissions.