• AFP Approach to Transparency

    IO’s approach is to make available a significant amount of information about AFP, while balancing the need for transparency and commercial confidentiality.  All disclosure is subject to FIPPA.

    IO issues a Market Update on a regular basis to indicate which projects are anticipated. IO also publishes a Track Record Report to demonstrate progress on projects that have reached substantial completion of construction.

    RFQs are issued via www.merx.com to invite interested companies to submit their qualifications for a project.

    Also AFP project pages on our website provide detailed information including project description, news releases, announcements. Each project page also includes: 

    • Contract values for each project (Note that as of May 2014, the published Contract Value represents the payment(s) to be made by the Sponsor for an AFP project, as defined in the Project Agreement and prior to taking into account inflation.)
    • Confirmation of the winning bidder
    • Project agreements (Note that commercially sensitive information is redacted.)
    • Value for money reports