• Vendor Performance Program

    IO acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on the operations of IO's contractors and service providers on our projects and that our vendors are making best efforts to proceed with work in view of the Province's declaration of emergency and mandated health and safety and associated social distancing protocols.

    In an effort to further assist contractors during this time, IO has determined that the Vendor Performance Program will be partially suspended retroactive to March 15, 2020 and continuing to July 1, 2020 or such later date as subsequently determined by IO in its sole discretion (the “Suspension Period”).

    We believe that the ongoing administration of the Vendor Performance Program, and in particular the collection and recording of performance infractions during this time would be contrary to broader efforts to assist contractors in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on construction progress. However, we note that during this time of the pandemic crisis, construction contracts shall continue to be administered to reserve and enforce rights of the Contracting Authority, as applicable - and that matters pertaining to health and safety should be of even greater importance and attention.

    The partial suspension of the Vendor Performance Program shall result in the following (capitalized terms used herein are defined in the Vendor Performance Program, available here):

    The suspension consists of the following:

    1. Any Vendor who otherwise triggers a VPP Infraction during the Suspension Period shall not have such VPP Infraction recorded in its VPP Score, with the exception of VPP Infractions associated with health and safety, specifically Infraction Criteria #7 and #16 per Appendix B of the Program.
    2. The time that elapses during the Suspension Period shall not be applied in any calculation associated with VPP Infractions that relates to time-dependant assessments of poor performance such as lateness and the maintenance of schedule.
      For example, if the Suspension Period ends on July 1, and a project which was scheduled to achieve final completion (P3) or substantial performance (non-P3) on March 1, but is not complete until July 5, for the purposes of the calculation of VPP Infractions only, the project will be deemed to have been 18 days late (the 14 days from March 1 to March 15 plus the 4 days from July 1 to July 5).
      While the Suspension Period for the Vendor Performance Program may apply to certain VPP Infractions, such application does NOT constitute a waiver of any of IO's or the Contracting Authority's rights under the relevant contract.
    3. Deductions shall not be applied to any Prequalification Submission or Proposal Submission, as applicable, during the Suspension Period. However, if a Prequalification Submission or a Proposal Submission Deadline for any procurement falls outside of the Suspension Period, then Deductions shall apply.
    4. IO will not issue Monthly Reports during the Suspension Period, with the exception of the Monthly Reports that precede the date immediately after the Suspension Period. For example, if IO determines that the end of the Suspension Period remains July 1, then IO shall issue Monthly Reports in May to ensure that all participating Vendors are notified of the Deductions that shall apply to them for procurement submissions commencing July 1.
  • IO’s Vendor Performance Program is an element of project delivery aimed at further elevating the performance of partners involved in our projects. The intention of the program is to promote and affirm the high standards of performance expected of vendors partnering with IO, specifically construction contractors, engineers, architects, and interior designers.

    These vendors will be given a monthly performance report, similar to a report card, whereby their performance has been assessed against specific contract requirements. The score will inform each vendor of any evaluation deductions that will be applied against it should the vendor participate in an upcoming prequalification submission as part of a request for qualifications process or an upcoming procurement conducted on behalf of IO by one of our Project Management Service Providers.

    The Vendor Performance Program is another example of IO’s commitment to continuous improvement. We want vendors to deliver the best possible results to our clients. This means looking not only to tools within our contracts, but also looking to ensure that the procurement process is as rigorous as possible and takes into account past performance in an efficient, fair and transparent manner.

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