• Major Projects – P3 Vendor Performance Program 

    IO’s P3 Vendor Performance Program is a new element of major infrastructure project delivery aimed at further elevating the performance of partners involved in such projects. The intention of the program is to promote and affirm the high standards of performance expected of construction companies partnering with IO.

    Construction contractors will be given a performance score, similar to a report card, whereby the contractor’s performance is assessed against specific contract requirements. The score will inform each construction contractor of any evaluation deductions that will be applied against it should the contractor participate in an upcoming prequalification submission as part of a request for qualifications process.

    The Vendor Performance Program is another example of IO’s commitment to continuous improvement. We want contractors to deliver the best possible results to our clients. This means looking not only to tools within our robust project agreements, but also looking to ensure that the procurement process is as rigorous as possible and takes into account past performance in an efficient, fair and transparent manner.

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