Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is improving upon its project delivery approach to increase competition and innovation on Ontario's major infrastructure projects.

IO's President and CEO Ehren Cory and Executive Vice President of Procurement and Program Management, David Ho, updated the industry today on what IO is doing to improve procurement processes for major projects.

These changes follow on recent announcements by Ontario Minister of Infrastructure Monte McNaughton to make Ontario's public infrastructure projects more open to international competition.

The changes are the result of industry outreach by both the Minister's Office and IO. IO's industry consultations specifically sought out insights on driving innovation and enhancing the P3 model. As an international leader in public private partnerships, IO believes it is critical to continue the evolution of the model to meet today's realities. These changes are being made to create a more competitive market and ensure that Ontario remains a destination for the global infrastructure community.

Improvements include:

  1. Rebalancing of bid scoring system to better reward innovation.
  2. Moving toward more outcome-based specifications versus output specifications. This will capitalize on private sector innovation.
  3. Adjusting qualifications assessments to give fair weight to international experience. This will encourage international investment and participation in the Ontario market.

These changes also mark a new approach to engagement with industry by IO and the Ministry of Infrastructure. IO and the Ministry (through the Minister's Market Sounding Initiative) will continue to engage in consultations on specific topics or areas of work. More direct and specific discussions will produce even more meaningful improvements that incorporate both IO's experience and that of its industry partners. Reporting back to industry on the results of these engagements will also drive accountability as a government agency and confidence in the value of our consultations.

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